Much of our focus at Saplings is on environmental education and awareness where we strive to create not only a respect for nature, but a love and sense of belonging in nature. Accordingly a lot of what we do takes place in wild, natural spaces and we certainly do have... Read more >>

Rights Based Language

At Saplings we believe that all students/ staff and families have: Right to privacyRight to your name Right to your beliefs and opinions Right to be safe Right to be heardRight to a loving family and homeRight to healthy foodRight to lifeRight to... Read more >>

Dress Code

We ask students and their parents to support a learning environment where attire is appropriate and not distracting or offensive to others.  Articles of clothing that are too revealing, have inappropriate language, topics or images are unacceptable. ... Read more >>

Conflict Resolution Policy

Should a conflict arise between a staff member and a parent, or between parents themselves, those involved will be spoken to individually.  Should the need arise, a group discussion with all those involved as well as the Principal and/or the Program Director will... Read more >>