Closing a school permanently means the closing, for a period exceeding twelve (12) months, of a school building used for the purposes of providing an educational program to students. The Board may decide to permanently close the school, following a school closure public consultation process, and must provide written notification to the Minister of Education. 

The Board shall provide a public consultation process with respect to the permanent closure of the school prior to the Board making its final decision with respect to the closure of that school. Following the consultation process, the Board will make a decision on the possible closure of the school. Any such recommendation will also be communicated to the affected school communities and the public about the school closure public consultation process through various means including parent newsletters and information posted on the District website. 

The Board shall allow a period of at least sixty (60) days for public consultation process to take place and shall take the following steps to ensure that public consultation will take place.  The Board will make available, in writing, the rationale for the proposed school closure considered by the Board, including, but not limited to information with respect to the following factors: 

  • The number of students who would be affected, at both the school to be closed and surrounding schools; 
  • Enrolment trends and utilization for the school and surrounding area; 
  • Availability of space at receiving schools; 
  • Proximity to possible receiving schools and the routes to schools; 
  • Financial considerations including anticipated cost savings; 
  • Facility age and condition; 
  • Choice and Special Education programs offered at the school;

Once a school closure public consultation process has been initiated, at least one (1) public consultation meeting will be held to discuss the proposed closure. The time and location of the school closure public consultation meeting(s) shall be advertised to notify the community at least 14 days in advance. This may include signage at the school, written notification to parents/guardians of students currently attending and registered to attend the school, notices to neighbouring schools, Parent Advisory Councils, employee groups and information posted on the school’s website and to social media. Notes will be kept of the public meeting to record concerns or options raised regarding the proposed closure. 

Following the public meeting(s), the Board will give consideration to all input prior to making its final decision with respect to the school closure. The Board shall provide an opportunity for written responses to the Board regarding the proposed school closure and will provide information and directions on how to submit the written responses. Written submissions will be summarized and will be acknowledged as received. 

The final decision on a school closure will be made through the first, second, and third and final reading of a School Closure Bylaw at a public Board meeting. Following a decision to close a school, the Board will provide, without delay, written notification to the Minister of Education of its decision containing the following information: 

  • The school’s name,
  • The school’s address, and 
  • The date on which the school will permanently close.