From time to time, unusual circumstances occur.  If a staff member becomes aware of a student alone and on-site before or after school hours, that staff member may never leave any student unsupervised on or near the school property or outdoor classroom area regardless of the time of day or if their shift has not begun or has already ended. If at any time a student has been dropped off or not picked up well outside of school hours, a staff member must remain on site with the child until either school begins, or the parent or designated adult has arrived.

If the child has arrived longer than 15 minutes before class begins, parents will be contacted to ensure that a student is not regularly alone in this manner. That student should then accompany the staff member inside the school or to the outdoor classroom area. If a student is still present 15 minutes after dismissal, a staff member will text or call the parents to ensure everything is alright and inform them that the student will accompany the staff member inside the classroom until the parent arrives.

If this situation persists, staff should inform the Principal and Program Director immediately.

Safe Release Policy 

Each Child will be signed in by a teacher and must be signed out by a person noted on the registration form.  Parents will be required to advise the educators immediately if they will be arriving later than the pre-arranged time.  

A Child will be released only to a parent or his/her legal guardian otherwise indicated on the emergency form. 

  1. Staff must be notified in writing of any alternative arrangements of persons picking up the child or permission for the child to take the bus or walk home. 
  2. Picture identification will be requested if the person is not known to staff.   
  3. Children will not be released to anyone under 12 years old.