Saplings Outdoor Program has been running successfully since 2012. As we evolved and grew over the years, it helped us understand the nuances of educating outdoors and the countless benefits it entails.

Encouraged by the enthusiasm received for our preschool as well as after school programs, we have now created our own nature based school.

We are acutely aware that some children need more movement than others while for some, not starting the day in a four walled classroom is all they need to succeed. That’s why a typical day at our school starts outdoors in the woods where children aren’t shushed or expected to sit still. Drinking deep from the well of nature, our children arrive at the classrooms content and ready to focus.

We have started out this September 2020 with a community of foundation families who are equally convinced that our school will imbibe in their children the skills essential to survive in the real world, while learning from the best teacher, Mother Nature! If we sound like the school you are looking for, we should meet.

Our nature school in North Vancouver offers Kindergarten-Grade 3 program, as well as a preschool program.